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About History Jubilee Couture

Hello to readers,
I want to start telling little bit about our brand, Jubilee Couture.
Long way back in 1982, the founder first started her career as a fashion designer for baby brand, Babyra. She was talented not only for designing garment, but also designing textiles.
Since then, she was involved designing garments for many different lines: infants, kids, juniors, women's contemporary, missy and sometimes for puppies.
After her younger years of design professions, she started her career as a pattern maker - to create beautiful fits. She went through all different field that is necessary to create a perfect garment and now she launched her own women's brand.
Jubilee Couture was found in 2012 in Los Angeles, California. where its fashion district is one of biggest garment manufacturing area in United States. With all founder's past experience and her love of true fashion, Jubilee Couture set a goal to produce comfortable yet fashionable clothing for women.

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