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About Our Signature Jersey Fabric


As it is often written on product description, we use our own weaved fabric on many of our designs. This type of fabric is often called Rayon-Span, or Rayon Jersey. As not all silk is the same, not all jersey is in same quality.


What's so special about Jubilee Couture's Rayon Jersey?

We do not import this fabric, we weave it, and dye it in the United States. Main reason we decided to weave our own fabric over imported fabric, which costs less and is easier to get, is because we figure many consumer was not happy when their garment shrinks after the first wash. Reason a garment shrinks after wash is because fabric makers use less yarn and spread it wide to make the fabric look fuller to produce lower budget materials. As the fabric is stretched when it was produced just to make it look all right, it just shrinks back as it supposed to be. To reduce such risk, we decided to weave a quality fabric. 


What colors are available?

Our jersey currently comes in Ivory, Black, Navy, Peach, Fuchsia, Coral, Orange, Brown, Dark Grey, Heather Grey, Jade, Mint, Aqua and Mocha.

What garments are made out of this fabric?

We use our jersey on most of our shirts and blouses, as well as pants, skirts and dresses.

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